Make your friends investors.
Gift free stock for the holidays.

Gift stocks and ETFs. For free. For Fun. Select a stock, send away, and your friends will receive up to $50 of free stock. No sign-up required.

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Select a stock

Search by company name or explore curated themes.

Write a note

Tell the recipient why you picked the stock for them.

Send away

Tweet, text, or email your gift for immediate delivery.


Wait, is this really free?

Yep. We're footing the bill to help you make your friends investors.

Do I need to be a user to send stock?

No. You can gift stock in 5 minutes by using this microsite; however, for your friends to redeem their stock they will need to download the Public app, which takes about 5 minutes.

How much are my stock gifts worth?

Each free stock gift will be worth up to $50 with the amount selected at random. The recipient will be notified of the exact value upon successful account approval.

Who can receive stock gifts?

Stock gifts can only be redeemed by signing up for, the free stock investing app behind this service. Since we launched Stock.Gifts to inspire more people to start investing, current Public members are not eligible to receive gifts.
Accounts can generally be created by any U.S. resident over the age of 18. In certain cases, a person might be restricted from opening a brokerage account and they will not be able to receive the gift.

Are there any restrictions on when my friends can sell their stocks?

Recipients can sell their stock at any time and withdraw the value of the stock at its future value from their account 60 days after redeeming the gift.

How do stock slices work?

Buying partial shares of stock is known as fractional investing. Public makes it possible to own a piece of the companies you believe in for any amount of money through "slices," which are traded in real-time.

How many stock gifts can I send?

There’s no penalty for being generous! Send as many gifts as you like, the only limit is one gift per person.

I don't live in the United States. Can I send stock gifts?

Yes, but the recipient must be a U.S. resident to redeem their stock.

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Public is free investing app that makes it possible to own the companies you believe in, with any amount of money — commission-free.

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